October 18, 2012 with guests Michael Annis and Albert Russo

The New American Dream Radio Show
The New American Dream Radio Show
October 18, 2012 with guests Michael Annis and Albert Russo

Chuck and Mike welcomed publisher Michael Annis and writer Albert Russo.


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Cost of Freedom

Michael Annis returned to the show in the second of three interviews presenting the 2007 anthology Cost of Freedom: The Anthology of Peace & Activism. Michael read excerpts from COF and disscussed why it is just as relevant today as it was when first published.  We look forward to Michael’s return to the show on November 22.

That date, following the pseudo-election on the first Tuesday following the first Monday in November, was chosen because it’s the anniversary of the day John F. Kennedy paid the ultimate cost for our freedom, although we haven’t had much freedom as a result of his sacrifice.

To order Cost of Freedom, send your name, address and $25.95 to Howling Dog Press, c/o Michael Annis, P.O. Box 853, Berthoud, CO 80513-0853; add $2.50 per copy for shipping/handling.

The Black Ancestor by Albert Russo

Albert Russo has published worldwide over 75 books of poetry, fiction and photography, in English and in French, his two mother-tongues.

He discussed his book The Black Ancestor, which depicts Leodine, a young girl growing up in the posh suburb of Elisabethville in 1950s occupied Africa. Leodine is shocked when she learns of her African lineage.

Set in the last decade of Belgian occupation of the Congo, this novel combines the intensely personal journey of self-discovery with the electricity of political discord, openly challenging popular perceptions of occupied Africa.

Purchase The Black Ancestor here.

Read more about Albert Russo:  www.albertrussobilingual.com

As always we closed with The News from Mount Liberty.