July 24, 2014, guests Steve Kowit, Karen Kwiatkowski, Michael Annis

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Steve Kowit

Steve read a poem called “Entefada” and presented an expose of Israel history, from stolen land to genocide.


Karen Kwiatkowski

Karen wondered whether the Ukraine power struggle might REALLY be about oil. Not drilling or it, in this case, but transporting it; the Ukraine is in a key location for that. She also reaffirmed her feeling that the American people have had ENOUGH of the shenanigans in Washington D.C. and are not going continue to put up with it.


Michael Annis

Michael provided another segment from Brave New World Order (to be published 2015), continuing his fascinating presentation complete with bells (but no whistles…sorry, couldn’t resist).


Chuck Gregory and Mike Palecek

Chuck opened with a hymn! Come ye Disconsolate… the bits Chuck and Mike read included:

  • Brian Williams, a real reporter, not an FBI or CIA agent, that’s for sure
  • excerpts from a speech given by Harold Pinter while accepting the Nobel Prize for Literature, 2005. His talk was entitled: Art, Truth & Politics
  • The History Channel, actual American History that for some odd reason you will never find in any American History textbook
  • One Day in the Life of an American Solzhenitsyn, an American Mandela, an American Thomas Jefferson — an American Prisoner
  • The Lives Of The Cowboys
  • Waterboarding Anderson Cooper
  • The George Carlin Target and Walmart Back To School Special Sale on Folders And Pencils and Lunch Boxes and Backpacks
  • some notes from listeners … by email, chat room, cellphone, telepathy and telegraph
  • The News from Mount Liberty, where Charlie’s niece is taking him to the local mental hospital for testing