lets call the police!


by ava bird


lets ALL call the police and tell them there’s an emergency here!

see, there’s a constitution being raped and shredded and too many dicks in one place creates destruction beyond belief: licensed to kill for thrills, the sacred feminine in religion, and bombs on mother earth,  just ask israel, japan and the US to call the police and say HEY!


there’s a gang of rogue psychopathic criminals suffocating ladies & babies with vaccinnes, pricks tricking kids on pills and bad television reception, the reality show is right outside your window jack!

with nukes and bombs and abused wombs screaming 911!

help, police!  a country is attacked by repiglican demoncrats sucking blood from tampons spitting out ovaries to create god on a rocket poison milk bovine jet fuel hormones puking pink slime.


lets call the police and tell them their pensions are looted and robbed for wall street balls & thugs & bulls slitting throats with pills and white coats, phony bloated hedge hog funds factory farms spilling blood burger puddles in methane oil gas farting out foul the name of a soulless lord.


lets call the police and tell them there’s pink slime dripping a police state with kill cops covering corners kicking homeless from parks and streets and no occupying anywhere or anything, just be an obedient sheeple and let the police state roam into your bedroom and yell national defense authorization bill is just another prickly dickly tactic to torture in the name of  your trusted thuggery congress senate pimped police state!   your bill of rights is billed to your verizon spy wire tapping witches for womb patrol and prick shaped rockets to kill for a few rich dicks.


help! police!  theres an evil demon lurking in spray cans, monsanto  the satan frankenfood filling shelves on chain stores and prison cages locking everyone for nothing in the name of  profit.  as pseudo-prophets spew brass plates to collect for a molester covering up pedophiles worshipped in a pennsylvania state locker room. balls and bars lock down blacks,  but free mumia, even if he did it,  its all a set up anyway for the cops to enforce the fascist corporate state.   ‘oh, but he’s just doing his job!”


police chief!   we keep calling and calling, they never show up those bastards in black and blue just keep beating the blacks and bitches for reporting abuse to animals and veterans and cannibals running elections and fake vote counts sneak phony presidents and house niggers just following orders on slave plantations known as corporate rape gangsters robbing another red blood reservation. help geronimo!   prisons, cows,  concentration camps!

help, police, the militant military killing rivers and waters and oceans with nuclear pesticides, insecticides reversing mortgages thru banks of america to fuck the weak and meak women with slave wages on heels and steroids.

is there compassion for cops?  it must suck being a cocksucker sucking off the patriarchy and his hard ons for killing, wars and whores and bombs on grannies…


dear grandma, you always told me to call the police when life is in danger and damn things couldnt be stranger in fiction even with criminal corporations posing as a government and a person, dressed up fag hags, cocksuckers for wars, one another and god and my goddess, where are the real police??!!?   where are the laws to protect the police from sold out souls, hungry ghosts with guns and warrants to kidnap mom and you.


hey gigolo, get out that little black book and dial up 911, tell em 9/11 was a lie  and you’re being robbed blind and you can’t breathe clean air,  poison water coming thru the pipes,  dirty dipe’s leaking shit laced with cymbalta paxil cyanide, oh baby, hand me those wipes, i cant seem to get the oxygen clean,  see we shoulda listened to the indians,  broken treaties, raped tipis, poison wells and genocide again!


operator get the DC police here asap!    a government has been  hijacked by sociopathic thugs and psychopathic war criminals, your rights were stolen by thieves pimped by a supreme court corporate pharmacy media hoax hypermasculine motherfucker military!


oh, no, please get the police on the line!


holy fascist police state batman, get that wonder woman in here, these dicks don’t get it, tricking again, robbing and killing again!


HELP!  we must ALL call for help, we pay their paychecks to protect and serve us but their orders are to enforce the cabal, illuminati agenda and abuse us!

how can this be?

help police there is an emergency here in my hood!

but i cant seem to get through!



poison control and the phone book says it the best,  if this is a life-threatening emergency,  hang up now and dial 911!


and would the real police please stand up!