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April 14, 2011


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April 14

Our guest poet

Phil Hey

from Sioux City


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Karl Meyer

from Nashville

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“Arrrmy Training, Sir!”


“I’m a human being, goddammit, my life has value.”

— Howard Beale, “Network”

“After 9/11”



THE WHITE ROSE: Hans Scholl (left), Sophie Scholl (center),

and Christoph Probst (right), leaders of the White Rose

resistance organization. Munich, Germany, 1942

Murderer’s Row

Col. Bob Bowman



A young George H.W. Bush, top, with one of his little terrorists.

Could the photo at left be the same G.H.W. Bush, outside the

School Book Depository just after the murder of John F. Kennedy?

Just asking …

He says he wasn’t there that day.

… Finally, do you know people who consider the events of November 22, 1963 to, in their minds, “reflect the very best of the American spirit?”

You say almost nothing, ever, about the Kennedy assassination, even skipping over it in your own memoir, which details much more trivial events of the same year.

Why is that? And why then, in your eulogy for former President Ford, a member of the increasingly-discredited Warren Commission, did you go out of your way to oddly praise him for promoting the increasingly-discredited “single bullet theory?”

You said: “After a deluded gunman assassinated President Kennedy, our nation turned to Gerald Ford and a select handful of others to make sense of that madness.

And the conspiracy theorists can say what they will, but the Warren Commission report will always have the final definitive say on this tragic matter.

Why? Because Jerry Ford put his name on it and Jerry Ford’s word was always good.

Why did you, so bizarrely, smile when you uttered those words?

— Russ Baker, author of “Family of Secrets”

[Russ Baker:
Unanswered Questions

as Obama Anoints George H.W. Bush]


“His life is a testament that public service is a noble calling …. his humility and his decency reflects the very best of the American spirit.”

[And he referred to Mr. Bush’s “extraordinary life of service and of sacrifice.”]

— President Barack Obama, bestowing

Medal of Freedom Award on George H.W. Bush, Feb. 15, 2011


“Let’s face the fact, this country

needs a revolution every bit as much

as Hasni Mubarak’s Egypt needed a revolution.

The question is, what will it take?”

— Kevin Barrett


APRIL 14, 2011

The Weekly Newsletter of

The New American Dream Radio Show


The New American Dream!



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… also will be archived here later


is so over.


We want truth and justice & freedom

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is what we want, what we need, what the world needs …

because without a NEW American Dream …

The World …

is so over.



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With Special Guest


in Nashville, Tennessee

Karl Meyer is one of our country’s most knowledgeable counselors and practitioners of strategies and methods for maximizing war tax refusal, while minimizing negative consequences, such as job loss, seizure of assets, or criminal prosecution.

He has successfully refused payment of almost all federal income taxes that might have been claimed from him for 49 years, since 1960.

In 1966, he wrote the first leaflet on reasons, methods and potential consequences for telephone excise tax refusal, which sparked a mass movement during the Vietnam War.

In 1968 and 69, he authored the first articles and pamphlets on methods and consequences of claiming extra allowances on W-4 Forms in order to prevent withholding of military taxes from wages and salaries.

This opened the way for thousands of wage earners who refused war taxes during the Vietnam War.

In 1971, he served nine months in federal prison and fifteen months on parole, essentially for his role as ringleader of the W-4 resistance movement. In 1984, trying to spark a mass movement to resist the new $500 penalty for so-called “frivolous tax returns”, he filed 365 daily tax returns, to many different IRS offices around the country, and gained national attention for the issue after the IRS fined him $140,000 for a total of 280 of those returns.

The IRS succeeded in collecting only $1000, by seizing and auctioning a secondhand station wagon.

Across the span of a half century of effective war tax refusal, the IRS has collected less than $1200 of an estimated total of about $250,000 that was or might have been claimed from him, not to speak of added penalties and interest — a successful collections rate of about ½ of 1%.

At 71 (in 2009, the same age as John McCain) he continues in not filing returns and not paying federal taxes on income as a self-employed carpenter (semi-retired).

You can contact him directly for personal counseling, workshops or presentations at::



or Karl Meyer, Nashville Greenlands, 2407 Heiman St., Nashville, TN 37208-2415

Karl Meyer, on right


Guest Poet


from Sioux City

A Profile of Phil Hey


“English professor, refused induction

to the draft in 1967 — and he’s still here”

The New American Dream Interview

Phil Hey has been writing and teaching at Briar Cliff College since 1969, and he is now a professor in the English/Writing Department. He received a B.A. in English at Monmouth College in 1964 and an M.F.A. at the University of Iowa Writers Workshop in 1966. He also studied creative writing under Gwendolyn Brooks at the University of Wisconsin. In 1992 he won Briar Cliff’s Duff Award for the Pursuit of Excellence, and in 1998 the Iowa Council of Teachers of English gave him the Literacy Award.

Published in numerous magazines and anthologies, Phil is the author of seven
collections of poetry: In Plain Sight, Reorganizing the Stars, Plain Label Poems, A Change of Clothes, Ballads & Songs, How it seems to me, and St. Francis.

He has also received nine commissions for poems, most recently from the
Catholic diocese of Sioux City.



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Really? … Really?

Conspiracy Theory

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“Believe in your own senses and perceptions.

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