November 8, 2012 with guests Susan Clark and Sam Smith

Our post-election show featured guests Susan Clark and Sam Smith.


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Susan Clark, author of Slow Democracy, talked with Mike about her book and the power of local initiatives to create change.

“True democracy is slow, inclusive, deliberative, empowered, and, most of all, local.” Her book is about citizens making a difference, breathing new life into local democracy.

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Sam Smith

Sam Smith, publisher of The Pregressive Review,  talked with me (Chuck) about what happens now, after the election. We discussed the importance of local initiatives to third (or fourth or fifth) parties.

Sam brought up electoral fusion, in which a single candidate may run for more than one party. It seems this concept was widely used in the late 19th / early 20th Century era. The ‘major’ parties found it a threat to their stranglehold on power, and managed to eliminate in most places.

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Naturally we included our usual fun bits and The News from Mount Liberty.

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