May 29, 2014, guests Awafong Julius Teneng, Jeffrey Czerwiec, Larry Pinkney

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Awafong Julius Teneng

Our African correspondent provided an insightful look at Boko Haram from a relatively local viewpoint. He blames economic conditions that created the revolutionary movement.

Julius Awafong on Facebook


Jeffrey Czerwiec

We had a report from Jeffery Czerwiec, one of the participants in the Great March For Climate Action. At the time he was in northern New Mexico on this amazing journey that started March 1 and is to finish November 1, some 7 million steps later.

Climate March Website


Larry Pinkney

Original Black Panther Larry Pinkney talked about his life, including the activism and the prison years, and exhorted us all to be angry about what’s going on, and to use that anger to create change.

Black Activist Writers’ Guild

Chuck opened with We Need to Wake Up, the song popularized as part of Sing For The Climate. You can see it sung at a rally in Belguim here. Chuck and Mike did the usual great bits throughout the show.