February 28, 2013, guests Nicole Ferraro and Alan Maki

Chuck and Mike welcomed Nicole Ferraro and Alan Maki to the show. For personal reasons Chuck had to do the show from McDonald’s and it was rather noisy; please excuse the technical difficulties and enjoy this great show.


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nicole ferraro

Nicole Ferraro

Nicole Ferraro is editor in chief at UBM’s Future Cities. She brings her perspective from the “great urban heat island of Manhattan,” more specifically UBM DeusM’s New York City offices. She works inside corporate media but has original and intelligent views about how we, and particularly our cities, can improve. She wants to make cities a better place to live.

Visit ubmfuturecities.com to see more from Nicole.


Alan Maki

Alan Maki is a regular monthly columnist. He discussed how he got banned permanently from the Duluth News Tribune

Here’s a link to his blog where he presents the same story:


The News from Mount Liberty was excellent, once again.