Michael is a monthly columnist who appears in the fourth week of each month. He is currently taking a leave of absence but we expect to have him back soon.

MICHAEL ANNIS—poet, writer, playwright, radio commentator, founder & senior editor of Howling Dog Press—has published many of the world’s modern giants of fiction, drama, poetry and art. His projects-in-process include “Brave New World Order” [1994 CO Gov. Arts Award, Literature; revised/expanded 2015-2017; illustrated by David Allen Reed], “Howling at the End of the Wor(l)ds” (collected poetry, Vols. I, II, III), and “The White Rose of Stalingrad” (screenplay), among several others. In 1986, his full-length drama, “Voices in Soft Sculpture,” was produced on the national Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon, and starred actor John Savage. In 2007, with Mike Palecek and Whitney Trettien, he edited, designed, and published “Cost of Freedom: The Anthology of Peace & Activism,” featuring over 100 artists, poets, and writers from the US/Canada, that received written accolades by Harry Belafonte, Noam Chomsky, Ralph Nader, Howard Zinn, Pete Seeger, Attorney Gen. Ramsey Clark, and Thom Hartmann, among others. Michael is the creator of the OMEGA series of online anthologies, including the forthcoming “OMEGA8: Clan Between the Wor)l(ds”. Since 2013 he has been the Denver Metro Producer for the annual international literary/arts festival “100,000 Poets for Change.” He is the Literary Director of CHURN magazine, and has judged several different state literary awards competitions. He often performs his work with musicians, the latest being the “Ghost Ship Rats.”  About the “writing process,” he states, “Draw Blood, Write a Poem.”