I opened with “He’s in the Jailhouse Now” and then welcomed our first guest, Anthony Rayson. He read us several reports from prisoners.

Our second guest as usual was Philip Farruggio. His column The Empire’s Executioners? led of his segment (which we call It’s the Empire, Stupid.) It was an incisive look at the role of police in maintaining the status quo for the super-rich and powerful.

Our third segment featured Larry Pinkney who warned about parasitic political pimps who were using the George Floyd situation to political advantage. He called for honesty, ridiculed the idea of ‘white guilt’, and encouraged us to communicate with each other and find ways to grow. We had a very interesting conversation which took the whole segment; usually Larry doesn’t give us that much time and I really appreciated this one.

For the final segment I played my prerecorded interview with Frank Cordaro of the Des Moines Catholic Worker, who discussed the way we humans normalize any situation, including the pandemic. I closed with a column from MK Davis where he talked about the human condition, with an example where he shared a photo of a bird for the ‘hive mind’ of social media, producing a unanimously WRONG identification… all those who responded had failed to listen to the entire description and jumped to the photo, completely ignoring the size context that MK provided. Very interesting talk to close the show.