I opened with “Is a puzzlement” from The King and I. I then introduced Anthony Rayson, who presented a report about Anarchist Black Cross. It was fascinating.

For the second segment as usual I introduced Philip Farruggio for It’s the Empire, Stupid. Philip led off with his column, “Write Off the Right Wing Radar Screen”. He described how the one party two party system operates to benefit the uber-rich. He discussed the use of power to suppress dissent, and to delay the proper responses to the pandemic. He discussed Universal Basic Income. He and I had a very interesting talk.

The third segment opened with Larry Pinkney bringing us his views about the health crisis, and urging everyone to have good common sense. He reminded us how important it is to get or stay in contact with people when we are stuck at home. Share experiences. Make good use of this time of isolation. He stressed the importance of first responders and urged us not to take them for granted. I then took the opportunity to introduce Azzurra Crispino and Bianca Edgars who talked about Larry Swearingen who would have been 49 on this day if he had not been put to death in Texas for a crime he did not commit. It was a very powerful presentation. The segment closed with Frank Cordaro and his weekly report from the Des Moines Catholic Worker.

The final segment had MK Davis telling us about his experience with lockdown, the issues with protecting people in nursing homes, and the possibility of cross-species infection – is it safe for him to visit the places he usually goes, maybe interact with Bigfoot or some other creature? It was a very interesting conversation, just right to wrap things up.