September 27, 2012 with guests Greg Pahl and Frank Cordaro

Co-hosts Chuck Gregory and Mike Palecek welcome energy expert Greg Pahl and peace activist Frank Cordaro.


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Greg Pahl has had a long-time interest in environmental issues in general, and renewable energy in particular. He lived for a number of years “off the grid” in a wood-heated home powered by a wind turbine atop an 80-foot steel tower. He is the author of six books on sustainable living, most recently Power from the People: How to Organize, Finance, and Launch Local Energy Projects.
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 Frank Cordaro has appeared on the show several times. He’ll discuss the upcoming Occupy Iowa protest at The World Food Prize event. The Occupy movement will target “the corporate ownership of the World Food Prize, especially its dominance by genetically modified seed interests.”

This show marked the first appearance of two new segments, Buzz the Space Dog and Beltway Sandy Snore, Journalsm Whore. As always, Chuck and Mike closed the show with The News From Mount Liberty.

Frank Cordaro


Frank Cordaro is a member of the Des Moines Catholic Worker. He is a former Catholic Priest. He has himself spent years and years in federal prison for crossing the line at Offutt.

We are very pleased to announce that Frank Cordaro will be joining us each week.

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Chuck Gregory


Co-founder and co-host of the show, Chuck lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with his wife Lorraine and their pet rat Lucy.

Chuck has done the engineering for the show since June 2012 when we moved to Blog Talk Radio from our first host, Black Op Radio. His first activism was in the late ’60s when groups from Friends Central School went to Washington for several Marches, both for Civil Rights and against the Vietnam War.

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Mike Palecek


Co-founder and co-host of the show, Mike Palecek is a writer who lives in Saginaw, Minnesota, west of Duluth.

He is a former federal prisoner for peace; was the Iowa Democratic Party candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives, 5th District in the 2000 election, gaining 65,000 votes on an anti-war platform in a conservative district; is a former award winning reporter, editor, publisher in Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota.

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